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Horizon Yachts 105' and 70'  1:40 Scale, Full Hull, show series detail.








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Private Owner, Custom Build 180'  1:60 Scale, Full Hull, show series detail









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Westport Yacht, Coast Guard Cutter 140'  1:40 scale, Full Hull, show series detail.









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Westport Yacht 50M, 1:40 scale, Full Hull, show series detail.


Pictured prior to delivery and mounting on its permanent display stand.





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86' Merritt Open Sport Fish, 1:35 scale, Full Hull, show series plus detail.











View this model's detail in the slideshow gallery below.

    We build all of our models using quality sheet acrylic, styrene, and resin cast parts.  The railings, towers and rigging are made of polished stainless steel or chromed brass, All joints are soldered for durability.   The wood is just that, other than small details that recieve faux paint to resemble wood, most is actually cherry sheets formed and shaped into rails and trim.     Each model is painted with quality automotive grade paint and clearcoat, it offers a very durable and beautiful, gleaming  finish.


    The models are mounted on a stained and polyurethane finished, furniture grade, real wood display base with provision for a clear acrylic cover. The pedestal's for our full hull models are machine turned out of solid brass or aluminum rod, polished to a high luster finish and bolted solidly to the base.


    The term "show series detail" refers to a high amount of detail save for the smallest of items such as door handles, life rings, small mechanical/ electrical equipment, and alike.   There is also a small amount of artistic license to ease the models construction. For example, The models are outfitted with deck furniture, tenders and toys, while we show a PWC it may not be the brand that is on the yacht but it will be painted the right color, The deck furniture is in the proper placement but may not look like the actual yacht's wicker/ rattan. 


   Every model is an accurate, outstanding representaion of the actual yacht.  These subtleties are made to offer our clients a better cost/value and in some cases more detail is added to the model but, at the artists discretion.   Of course we can, and have built  extreme detail models but we leave that decision to the person in charge of the budget. :) 


   The Final gallery below is of random photos of models built over the years,  there is no particular order and all are built in the fashion and quality of those represented above.




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