Special Architecture Deserves an Extraordinary Model

Realistic detail


Private Residence, 1/8" scale, realistic detail.


Copper gutters, downspouts and exterior light fixtures are only a few of the details found on this model 





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 Private residence, 1/8" scale, realistic detail.

     From this picture the home seems unassuming, look through the slideshow gallery below for an awesome surprise of how extensive and involved this design really is. 


   It is built on a peak along the Great Smokey Mountains in North Carolina.  It is spectacular in every way!


Contemporary, private residence 3/16" scale, realistic detail.








The green colored glass with the warm tones of the stone and wood offset the brushed aluminum trim details.

Contemporary, private residence, 3/16" scale, realistic detail.






    Split level entry, rear spiral stairs, copper gutters, stone accents and lush, tropical style landscape on a 1/4 acre lot.


 The model's base is only 24"x 28"

Outstanding Full Detail Models

Ocean front, private residence 1/8" scale. Full detail 


    The Full Detail model has dark tinted acrylic windows with mullions, all the trim, design elements, textures, colors and landscaping to simulate the actual building. 

    These are the most common of models for sales presentations as they are beautiful without  incurring additional time or expense


Commercial business center, 1/16" scale, full detail








At this scale and smaller we still capture all the design details which make the building unique



Private ocean front estate, 1/8" scale, full detail








This home has flat concrete roof tiles in a tri-color blend and the base is 30" x over 8 feet long.  


Commercial business park,     1/20" scale, full detail with      printed elevations.

Budget Friendly, semi-detailed models

Developers Spec home, 1/8" scale semi-detail


These models are built with open windows, full color exterior with textures but the design details are simplified. A very nice basic build, which shows well.


    When it comes to time, budget and the ubiquitous commitee meeting,  This style model excels.

Random projects gallery

These are only a few of the hundreds of models we have completed.  The range in size and scope to diversity of landscape and design, we can and have built it all.

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